Meiyoko is a coach one remembers primarily because he is a good listener and uses his structured approach to guide one from an undesired state to an intentionally chosen one with utmost ease. He is approachable and is able to get down to the base of things without you as a client ever feeling overwhelmed. In addition he is real and a great source for knowledge, inspiration and fresh ideas. Meiyoko is effective, relatable and has definitely walked the talk. He is definitely a go-to coach when it comes down to finding your amazing. I would recommend him anytime. 

- Omozua Isiramen,
Career Transformation & Confidence Coach

Meiyoko Taylor was a recent guest on my podcast, "The Sanity Project Podcast", and he was amazing! Meiyoko spoke on one's passion, gifts and talents as ways to be a success. He believes that personal passion is the driver of our life. Meiyoko Taylor helps others determine what holds them back and how to mitigate these issues. His endless energy feels as if he is in the room with me during our two podcast interviews. Yes, he is so good, he was on my show twice! All my best to my friend, Meiyoko Taylor!

- Joanne Victoria

I am so grateful to be friends with Meiyoko. He is one of the most inspiring, humble and genuine persons I have ever met. Always wanting to make the world a better place with his amazing work, I would very much recommend Meiyoko to coach and mentor organizations and individuals. You will not be disappointed.

- Patrick J Fitzgibbons

"Meiyoko Taylor has IT. You will get fired up just listening to him. But he’s not just going to get you fired up to have you deflate on your own. He gives you solid tactics, you can apply, to keep the fires burning.

- Dana Wilde,
Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain and Host of The Mind Aware Show

Meiyoko Taylor is an intelligent, articulate, and in depth coach who challenges me on how my emotions are affecting all areas of my life. Also, he challenges me in stepping up my performance professionally while breaking through any limiting beliefs that was stopping me from moving into the leader that I'm designed to be.

- Shā Sparks,
Author, Certified Fearless Living Coach & Speaker

Connecting with Meiyoko and having him mentor me set me on the path to where I am now in my career. With his guidance, I was able to hone my skills, sell myself better, and connect with the right clients. I'd definitely recommend him to any business owner or entrepreneur looking to position themselves and practically take their life to the next level!

- Chris Etozuo,
Entrepreneur & Copywriter

"To Pursue Happiness is Like Running Away From Yourself. Everything You Want Starts From The Inside Not The Outside''