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Discover 3 Efficient Ways To Break Free From Burnout, Even if you're Buried in Deadlines

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Yes is Back!

Too often we are taught that to be successful and find happiness, we need to spread ourselves too thin, overwork ourselves, and constantly stay on this hamster wheel alternating between feeling crippling anxiety, and feeling like we are living an unfulfilled life.

I too believed in this lie until it started to impact my own mental, physical, & emotional health and personal relationships. Realizing the trap I was in, I knew something had to change. My core values, my passion, and who I was was totally out of alignment with everything that I was doing so I had to look inside myself.

So let me ask you.

Are you:

  • Successful, making money and you seem to have it all but in private you struggle within yourself because something is missing?
  • Wondering how you can spend more time doing the things you love?
  • Seeing your personal relationships fall apart because you’re not fully present?
  • Crippled with Anxiety and stress because you’re stuck on the “Hustle & Grind” Hamster wheel?

Then I have the answer for you. YES is back and it’s time to start saying it and reclaim your life.

I want to show you that you can do things like:

  • Overcome burnout
  • Reclaim your time
  • Say YES to yourself
  • Restore your confidence
  • Embrace authenticity
  • Set boundaries
  • Incorporate Self Care
  • Pursue your dreams and vision
  • Rediscover peace
  • Embrace your true self

If you’re ready to prioritize your wellbeing, click the button below and let’s get started!


This is a journey and you must practice, these steps within this book consistently in order to maintain the fulfilling quality of life you will create.


Discover your true potential by awakening the power in you and becoming the best version of yourself


Reach your goals, earn more and work less ,giving you the freedom to create your dream life


Finally have the time to SHOW up and be present for the relationships that are the most important to you


Meiyoko TAYLOR

I’m Meiyoko Taylor and I once believed the lie that we have to “hustle and grind” to create happiness or to be happy.

But I learned that this lie prevents us from stopping to take a breath, do what we love, or be in control of our time. In short, this lie prevents us from finding that happiness. So often we say no to what our hearts call for when we should be saying YES.

That’s why today I teach entrepreneurs and business professionals from all over the world how to incorporate key elements into their life that help them live a life of purpose, freedom, and fulfilment.

Find out why YES IS BACK, how to start saying YES and why saying YES is about to change your life for good.



Meiyoko Taylor is an intelligent, articulate, and in depth coach who challenges me on how my emotions are affecting all areas of my life. Also, he challenges me in stepping up my performance professionally while breaking through any limiting beliefs that was stopping me from moving into the leader that I'm designed to be.

- Shā Sparks,
Author, Certified Fearless Living Coach & Speaker 

I am so grateful to be friends with Meiyoko. He is one of the most inspiring, humble and genuine persons I have ever met. Always wanting to make the world a better place with his amazing work, I would very much recommend Meiyoko to coach and mentor organizations and individuals. You will not be disappointed.

- Patrick J Fitzgibbons



There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like we are pushing ourselves to breaking point and not even achieving what we want to achieve. We work ourselves to the bone and don’t get to enjoy the freedom we should be enjoying as a result of the success we have accomplished.

Success is not the question, because you know you are successful in every sense of the word. What is the problem though is that happiness is not derived from working this way. It’s about creating purpose and fulfilling that purpose.

But how do you do that?

That’s why you’re here and why working with Meiyoko could be just what you need.



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