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As I was about to get into my usual pity party something stuck out to me. The question that was asked was “what is the meaning of success”? His next words would connect everything together and change everything. He said that success was doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want. It was like something exploded within my head. Because of that statement I made a discovery. The word YOU was in every statement he was making! I realized that somewhere along the way I had modeled my life around what other people thought success was and the things that I assumed I needed to pursue to get there. At that moment, for the first time in years, I asked myself “what does Meiyoko want”? Instantly a feeling of hope took over me.

Meiyoko TAYLOR



ARE YOU READY TO escape the hustle?

Hi my name is Meiyoko Taylor and I believe anybody can break free from the pursuit of happiness and the Hustle & Grind trap and completely redesign their life. A life where they experience purpose, freedom, and fulfillment. One that is not limited to what society projects as successful or what happiness should look like. I’m talking about a life that’s in alignment with who you are and that brings out your true potential in every possible area

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Shaping YOUR future

this is a journey and you must practice, these steps within this book consistently in order to maintain the fulfilling quality of life you will create.
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Discover your true potential by awakening the power in you and becoming the best version of yourself


Reach your goals, earn more and work less ,giving you the freedom to create your dream life

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Finally have the time to SHOW up and be present for the relationships that are the most important to you


Are you ready to live a life of fulfillment and find a happier, healthier version of yourself?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from your dreams? In my new guide Redesign Your Life- 7 steps to a Healthier Happier You you will learn how to reclaim your mental health, take your life back and create your own version of success. This comprehensive guide will help you better your relationships, reduce stress and anxiety, and experience more freedom and fulfillment. You’ll be fully operation in the most powerful and authentic version of yourself !

If there's one person I know I can get the right information from and move forward and create momentum, It's Meiyoki Taylor!
Adam Sendler
Loving it brother… You’ve been a tremendous help to me over the years… Much gratitude… I’m excited to see where this chapter will take you! My advice to every one on here… Follow, subscribe, listen to the podcast and buy whatever Meiyoko is selling!
Mike Sendler
f you want to change your life or change your results in business, then there’s nobody else I can think of that will help you more so, than Meiyoko Taylor
Mila Kunis


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Browse for behind the scenes of my real life like public speaking and podcast sessions.


Browse for behind the scenes of my real life like public speaking and podcast sessions.


Browse for behind the scenes of my real life like public speaking and podcast sessions.