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Yes is Back!

Too often we are taught that to be successful and find happiness, we need to spread ourselves too thin, try to please everyone, overwork ourselves, and constantly stay on this hamster wheel alternating between feeling crippling anxiety, and living an unfulfilled life.

I too believed in this lie until it started to impact my own mental, physical, & emotional health and personal relationships.  On the outside I was a public success, but privately I was falling apart. Realizing the trap I was in; I knew something had to change. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point where I realized this was not who I was or what I wanted to be. You may be living this same story right now. 

So let me ask you.

Are you a Leader or High Performer who:

  •  Seems to have it all in public but in private you're burnt out, your personal relationships are suffering and life just seems out of control?
  • Wonders how you can spend more time doing the things you love?
  • Want's to master the art of saying NO with confidence and without guilt? 
  • Is ready to live in your purpose and become the most powerful authentic version of yourself? 

Then its time to reclaim your time, thrive in your personal & professional life and finally start saying YES to YOU.

I want to help you define your own version of success and show you how to:

  • Overcome burnout
  • Restore your confidence
  • Boost your mental health
  • Skyrocket your productivity
  • Get rid of imposter syndrome
  • Create unshakeable boundaries
  • Lead with purpose & intention
  • Crack the code to work-life balance
  • Make self-care a daily part of your life

If you’re ready to transform your life, your mind, and your business, click the button below and let’s get started!



This is a journey but the great part is that you're not alone.  You can join a community of like minded professionals and gain access to tools that will help you create and maintain the fulfilling quality of life you really desire.

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Meiyoko TAYLOR

I’m Meiyoko Taylor and I once believed that you had to “hustle and grind” to create happiness or to actually be successful.

To me this meant doing whatever it takes even at the cost of your own self-care. However,  I learned that this mindset is what leads to burnout, broken relationships, and lack of fulfillment in our lives. It prevents us from being in control of our time as well as neglecting the things that are the most important.  Many people have lost themselves 

That’s why today I teach Leaders, High Performers and Business Professionals from all over the world how to design their own personal blueprint that helps them create a life of purpose, freedom, and fulfillment.



Meiyoko Taylor is an intelligent, articulate, and in depth coach who challenges me on how my emotions are affecting all areas of my life. Also, he challenges me in stepping up my performance professionally while breaking through any limiting beliefs that was stopping me from moving into the leader that I'm designed to be.

- Shā Sparks,
Author, Certified Fearless Living Coach & Speaker 

I am so grateful to be friends with Meiyoko. He is one of the most inspiring, humble and genuine persons I have ever met. Always wanting to make the world a better place with his amazing work, I would very much recommend Meiyoko to coach and mentor organizations and individuals. You will not be disappointed.

- Patrick J Fitzgibbons

Let's Work 


You've struggled long enough trying to keep up the demands of your profession all while everything else is falling apart behind the scenes. 

Success is more than your job or your career. In fact, what you do is not who you are.  You have passions, goals and things you love that are totally out of alignment.  If only you could excel in your career, be fulfilled in your personal life all at the same time!

But how do you do that?

That’s why me and my team are here and why working with us could be the moment where everything changes for you. 

You can have the best of both worlds!



Unleash the potential in you

Unleash the potential in you

Family and Relationships

Family and Relationships

the purpose of driven life

the purpose of driven life

Your Network is your Net worth

Your Network is your Net worth