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Who’s Cracked the Code to Work-Life Balance 

Start your journey today on the road to a redesigned, transformed life fueled by self-care, self-awareness, and the right tools to succeed.

Do you ever ask yourself why we always feel so overwhelmed and burnt out even though you are a successful individual?

Do you feel like you have to sacrifice a part of yourself in order to achieve in your professional life?

Are you tired of feeling this sense of burn out?

What if you could partner with someone who has figured this out already and is ready to help you transform yourself?

Someone who has overcome anxiety and depression and who understands what it feels like to be a public success but a private failure…

Meiyoko is available in the following areas:


As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Meiyoko Taylor is a dynamic personality and highly sought-after resource of business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunities.


Get inspired and Learn as Meiyoko Taylor speaks at a Success Magazine event and explains how to develop an unshakable belief in your abilities to get closer to your dreams. Meiyoko teaches you how to aim high, achieve, and actively make an impact on the world.


Meiyoko Taylor is one of the world's renowned leader in personal and professional development. Over the last 10 years, he has impacted more than 1 million people at seminars in over 5 countries. Don’t miss your chance to learn directly from the master.



Meiyoko Taylor is an intelligent, articulate, and in depth coach who challenges me on how my emotions are affecting all areas of my life. Also, he challenges me in stepping up my performance professionally while breaking through any limiting beliefs that was stopping me from moving into the leader that I'm designed to be.

- Shā Sparks
Author, Certified Fearless Living Coach & Speaker

I am so grateful to be friends with Meiyoko. He is one of the most inspiring, humble and genuine persons I have ever met. Always wanting to make the world a better place with his amazing work, I would very much recommend Meiyoko to coach and mentor organizations and individuals. You will not be disappointed.

- Patrick J Fitzgibbons

"Saying yes to everything doesn't make people like you.

It makes you feel angry, unappreciated and frustrated.''