𝗬𝗒𝗨’π—©π—˜ π—•π—˜π—˜π—‘ π—§π—’π—Ÿπ—— 𝗔 π—Ÿπ—œπ—˜..

That lie is keeping you trapped in a neverending hampster wheel- short on time, spread way too thin, overworked, and crippled with anxiety. This lie is keeping you unfulfilled, constantly chasing happiness and living on autopilot, day after day.

This lie is keeping you away from stopping to take a breath, doing what you love, or taking that vacation you’ve constantly been talking about. This lie is standing in your way of living each day filled with purpose, rich experiences, deep relationships, and true happiness.

The lie is that you have to β€œHustle & Grind” in order to create success or be happy.

I too believed in this lie until it started to impact my own mental, physical, & emotional health, and personal relationships. Realizing the trap I was in, I knew something had to change. My core values, my passion, and who I was was totally out of alignment with everything that I was doing so I had to really look inside myself.

I decided to go in the opposite direction and discovered that a life of purpose, freedom, and fulfillment is the true key to happiness. Today, I teach Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals like you all over the world how to incorporate these key elements into their lives.

π—œπ—³ π—Ώπ—Άπ—΄π—΅π˜ π—»π—Όπ˜„ π˜†π—Όπ˜‚π—Ώπ—²….

❌ Successful, making money and you seem to have it all but in private you struggle within yourself because something is missing

❌ Wondering how you can spend more time doing the things you love

❌ Seeing your personal relationships falling apart because you’re not fully present

❌ Crippled with Anxiety and stress because you’re stuck on the β€œHustle & Grind” Hamster wheel


Despite all the influencers and social media talk that you need to hustle in order to get ahead, this is NOT THE WAY THINGS HAVE TO BE.

π—¬π—Όπ˜‚ 𝗖𝗔𝗑

βœ”οΈ Earn more while working less feeling energized and more productive than ever

βœ”οΈ Have the freedom and time to do what you love with whom you love

βœ”οΈ Become a more effective leader in your life & your business

βœ”οΈWake up each day no longer crippled with anxiety or stress having total clarity of who you are,
becoming the most authentic and powerful version of yourself

If you’re ready to create an aligned life of purpose, freedom & fulfillment, send me a message and let’s have a quick chat or you can visit this link here https://calendly.com/meiyokotaylor/connectioncall

Looking forward to speaking with you and always remember that you have the power to design the life that you want!

"To Pursue Happiness is Like Running Away From Yourself. Everything You Want Starts From The Inside Not The Outside''
MEIYOKO TAYLOR | Transformation Coach